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 [READ FIRST] Marketplace Posting Guidelines

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[READ FIRST] Marketplace Posting Guidelines Vide
PostSubject: [READ FIRST] Marketplace Posting Guidelines   [READ FIRST] Marketplace Posting Guidelines EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 10:40 am

To keep the marketplace clean and organized, Titles of the topic should be in the following formats

NOTE: Marketplace threads are only for products ready for buying or selling. Inquiries should be in this Sub-Forum

For store threads
[STORE] *insert name of store*

For Buying or Selling violins, parts and accessories use the following combination

[FITTINGS] *note: includes pegs, chin rest, tailpiece*


S> *for selling*
B> *for buying*


Name of the Product

example :
[BOW] S> Coconut Wood Bow
details, prices, pics should be placed inside the thread

For Scouting, Endorsing or Sharing a local or online store; Asking where to find and where to buy
Please Post it in the Orders and Inquiry Sub-Forum :)

Thanks :)

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[READ FIRST] Marketplace Posting Guidelines

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