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 February 2011 - Katica Illényi

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February 2011 - Katica Illényi  Vide
PostSubject: February 2011 - Katica Illényi    February 2011 - Katica Illényi  EmptyThu Feb 17, 2011 2:43 am

February 2011 - Katica Illényi  Illenyikatica02

Katica Illényi (born February 17, 1968) is a Hungarian violinist and singer.

On her concerts she plays classical pieces on the violin, jazz standards, world famous movie soundtracks and evergreens.


She was born in Budapest, Hungary, and comes from a classical music family. Her first teacher was her father Ferenc Illényi (1935–2007), who played in the Hungarian State Opera House. He decided to bring up all his children to become musicians. Her mother was a special education teacher but played the piano very well. The four Illényi siblings Ferenc, Katica, Anikó and Csaba started to play on instruments at the age of three.
[edit] Childhood

My dad played in the Opera Orchestra. My father used to take us to the Opera when we were young. We loved sitting in his place in the orchestra pit in the intervals. If there were free seats, we used to watch the performance from the front row. From there we could see the orchestra as well.
—Katica Illényi

[edit] Franz Liszt Academy of Music

At the age of 14 she was admitted to Franz Liszt Academy of Music to the class of special talents at the age of 14. During college years she wanted to sing and tapdance as well. She studied classical singing for years and applied to the OSZK /National Entertaining Centre/, where another style of music could be heard from each classroom: jazz, dance music, evergreens, musicals. During these years she started to learn tapdancing and acquired jazz dance and classical ballet. In 1991 she obtained her masters degree at Franz Liszt Academy of Music.
[edit] Operetta, jazz, swing

She played many operetta and musical roles, but stayed faithful to the violin and besides classical music she trained herself in various genres like jazz, swing, world music.

She discovers the uniqueness in the genres that she didn’t get to know through classical music. 1995-2001, she played in Budapest Klezmer Band as a singer-violinist. They travelled around Europe, America and Israel and released five albums together.
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February 2011 - Katica Illényi

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